Nge-Nwie Azefor-Misodi, RN, BSN

female-nurse-no-picture-2Nge-Nwie Azefor-Misodi, RN, BSN, is an established registered nurse currently working as CVICU/ Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.  Nge-Nwie has four years of experience in the nursing arena and feels that she owes her success to having had great mentors, a passion for helping people, and her drive to make a difference in her community. Her hobbies outside nursing include walking on the beach, traveling, and being in the great outdoors. Nge-Nwie Azefor-Misodi, RN, BSN, attended Barry University’s the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Barry University in Miami, Florida, and completed her bachelor degree of science in nursing in 2012. In addition, she is certified in Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Nge-Nwie is a professional member of the American Nurses Association, the Tennessee Nurses Association, and the Florida Nurses Association, which allows her to remain at the forefront of a challenging industry.  As a result of her outstanding performance in the field of nursing, The International Nurses Association (INA) has selected Nge-Nwie Azefor-Misodi, RN, BSN, to be featured in the premier publication of The Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. For more information about Nge-Nwie Azefor-Misodi, RN, BSN, please visit


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